A set of collaborative tools and platforms

  • Budget Information
  • Budget Tracking
  • Budget Monitoring


Budget Inforamtion

Provide information on budget estimates, budget allocations and spending, displaying them in an easy yet comprehensive way by use of visual aids.

Budget Tracking

Provide information on status of budget allocations for each sector giving real analysis and a source of credible butgetary information.

Budget Monitoring

Comparing budget trends and creating a credible data source of budget allocations and spending to facilitate intelligent decision making.

Our Purpose

In Kenya, there exists enormous potential to increase citizen participation in development like never before via the 2010 constitution and technological advancement. Through creative and strategic harnessing of web and mobile technologies coupled by collaboration with media (radio/TV etc), we can transform the ways that citizens and governments interact and engender shifts toward openness, transparency, and accountability.

UGATUZI will work to take advantage of these exciting and evolving opportunities to stimulate dialogue between citizens, private sector, civil society and government especially in public finance management matters, a domain that normal citizens, especially the youth and from other marginalized backgrounds are never active. Our contention is that Ugatuzi will contribute to the ability of all people, including the poor, to engage and call to account public and private institutions on budget issues that matter most to them.

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